Our Process


videos can serve many different purposes; it can be for marketing, social campaign, news, and fun. Depending on your intention, we write script to convey all the messages you want to deliver through engaging words, sales pitches, call-to-action, slogans, etc.


Based on a determined duration, we prepare a blueprint that depicts sequences of scenes so you can visualize the contents before it is even made. Some stories belong in text, other belong in animation complemented by sounds or voices. It allows us to organize the story, and figure out the best medium to deliver it.


Any video can be delivered in several different themes including animation, screencast, or live video. Regardless of which theme you want, the contents and duration are tailored according to your preference. It allows for the creation of unique videos that complement your business.

Voice Over

professional voice-over is the next step before everything can be assembled and added with music and other details

Post Production

A completely assembled video will be presented to you for approval; we make changes if needs be.